Oral History Room

Oral History Room
Like other parts of the country people of Rajasthan also participated actively in JAN-ANDOLANS/freedom movements. In Archives, ample quantity of documents in connection with these freedom movements are available. A complete description of freedom fighter activities in these Jan Andolans is given in these files. There are hundreds of confidential files of freedom fighters which are in safe custody of Archives, and are well preserved too.
In addition, a beautiful and rich collection of paper cutting of newspapers are also available in Archives. These cuttings reflects a lot of Jan Andolans at a glance.
Lot of research work has done on freedom movement. Based on these confidential files and erstwhile newspaper. But it will not be incorrect to say that such a research work will not complete until the SANSMARAN of freedom fighters are not accommodated in the research work. Keeping it in mind Archives Started a project to compile the Sansmaran of these people in their own voice and its a pleasant movement for the dept. who successfully compiled sansmaran of 246 freedom fighters in their own voice. Their voice is recorded in Audi cassettes. with the growth & development of technology these audio cassettes now has been changed/modified in CD's & hard disks. These CD's are ready to sell at a nominal price of Rupees 60 per CD's. CD's are provided free of cost to the freedom fighters and their family members. On the basis of freedom fighters view Department has published a book series named "Rajasthan Swadinta sangram ka sakshi". It's 6 Volumes are published and 7th in process of publication. These books are related with the freedom fighters of Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, Bhartpur, Ajmer and Kota Division.
To honour these legends of history a pictorial art gallery was also constructed in the premises of Rajasthan States Archives Bikaner in 2011. It is the first and only pictorial art gallery of freedom fighters in the state.





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Nodal Officer : Miss Savita Choudhary, Archivist
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